Wrapping up for Christmas

What a term! Despite the pandemic happening in the background, we have had the great opportunity to connect with schools through assemblies this term. We finished off the year with our Christmas Production, which has been thoroughly enjoyed by the children in Harrow schools and churches. Many of our supporters who joined us as we premiered it on December 1st at 11am.

We have done some calculations and this term we anticipate that our assemblies have been viewed over 11,725 times by children in Harrow schools. With our Black History Month assembly alone being viewed by over 3,600 children.

Although schools and churches are still in the process of using our Christmas Production we anticipate (only a week after its release) it has been viewed 100 times by our supporters and it’s been viewed by approximately 1,950 children we also expect this number will at least double in the coming weeks.

Along with the assemblies we produced and the Christmas Production. We ran a Christmas card competition this year which was very successful. We had 3 schools participate with over 400 entries. This led to us being able to produce packs of re:gen Christmas cards which can be purchased from our Etsy shop.

The Christmas Production cast
One of our Christmas Cards