It’s Your Move has Arrived!

After many weeks of intensive work last week we finally released our It’s Your Move video workshop for schools to use in the classroom.

What is ‘It’s Your Move’? you ask.

It’s Your Move is a transitional workshop for those moving from Year 6 into secondary school. We want to help Year 6’s process and think through that move so they can approach it with confidence. A lot of people find it to be a scary transition.

But we know that you can do it! People have done it before you.

Who can use it? you ask.

Well our workshop is specifically designed for use in schools, but do feel free to adapt it to use at home. We really feel that this workshop will encourage conversations which will be useful for Year 6’s to have had as they think about this coming change.

Where can you find this resource? you ask.

On our website of course. Under the Resources for Schools section. But to make it even easier, I’ve put a button below so you can access it from here.