It’s not goodbye but see you later

All good things come to an end and for me it’s the end of my contract at re:generation as a school’s worker. I knew when I took this job it would be for a year, but I didn’t realise how deep of a love I would have for re:generation. I have been very privileged to be able to be part of such a wonderful charity that has done such incredible work across the borough of Harrow.  


What has been your favourite thing about working for re:generation this past year? 


I have loved the road shows. I never thought I would enjoy something like this before, but I love the rush of contacting schools, rehearsing, and making 100s of children laugh hysterically. The Easter Roadshow was my favourite, listening to children shout “Jesus is Alive” brought me so much joy. Of course, I loved the egg suit and telling the message of Christ in an egg suit was one of the highlights. 


What memory from your time would you like to share? 


Watching the children grow, especially in social skills. One child struggled a lot when he first arrived in our club in September. He often would sit apart from others and not get involved in the activities. He slowly made great progress and is now able to participate better in activities.  


What will you miss most? 


So many things, the children and their excitement for a new craft each week, the weekly prayer meeting with my favourite people, my daily chats with the team. 


What are you going on to do next? 


I am going to be a social media manager for a Christian mission’s organisation.  


What are you looking forward to in your new position? 


I’m looking forward to getting to know my new team, the new workload, and the ability to be creative in a different way.  


How can we be praying for you? 


Prayer that I settle well into the new role and I would do everything with excellence. I believe God is with me and he opened this new door so I will always honour him in all that I do.  

You are amazing and kind to us

Suheli – you are beautiful inside and outside. It has been a joy having you on the Regen team this year. You have an enthusiastic and teachable spirit. Well done! May the Lord bless you and your family in your new adventure. Glenys xx

Have a good new job and good luck, bye. 🙁

Life at Re:gen has been full-on with Su around! Her energy, enthusiasm and creativity are amazing and lots of children have benefitted from those gifts as well as those of us who’ve worked with her. I’ll miss working with her and have learned things from my time with her. May God bless and continue to use you, Su!

Bye Su, we’ll miss you!

Su! It has truly been a privilege to watch you grow and flourish this past year. You have truly blessed the children and young people of Harrow that you have graciously served in many different ways in so many schools. Thank you for your creativity, for your passion, your encouragement and for all the laughs along the way!
You will be so very missed, but I am SO glad you won’t be too far away!

Thank Su for being so much fun and bringing so much energy to Regen. We loved working with you!